What they got from the program…


wanted to use my entire brain, get permanent clairvoyance and become an excellent healer. I want healing to be my profession, and to have some time for traveling.

What I got is a deeper understanding of all phenomena. I do not realize at this point too much about myself. I did open my mind but don’t know if I succeeded. I am plugging very well to people, no matter what they say.  I am stronger than I thought – I received well all waves of energy. Even though I got scared, I recovered very quickly. I still have problems on commanding.

I liked the flexible schedule, working as a living body – taking care of everybody, as we were one, and the Ayahuasca. The visions. I felt like in a family and I have so much love for this place, like something physical cleared from me.  I am very grateful I came, even though I am so deeply sorry I missed one ceremony.

C.needed to clean myself. To make a step further in my evolution. To pass, to get over my limitations. When I go outside my comfort zone, the normal life, I feel I am in an expansion of myself… linke I bring a lot of experience in a short time. I know I have fears regarding flying, and this year, 2012, brought me a lot of flights. I also wanted to test Ayahuasca, after I read about it.

What i got is an understanding that my path is a step-by-step evolution. Hard experiences, like the Ayahuasca make me feel I am lagging behing the experience. Enlightenment comes in tiny steps: 3 and a half years ago I took a big step, and now I am on my path.

All experience were very full and meaningful. Relationship and behaviors were very important and during this I had an introspection on myself. All the times I meet persosn and relationship, I learn it is not because of the person that things happen – it is the relationship between their structure and my structure. The wounds related to my ex are gone. I understand that was again relationship not personality. Life is a big relationship.

liked the freedom. I do not like being forced on a schedule, although I liked the scheduled life of Tibetans. In this kind of journey, each person needs to take out the things inside. If there are too many schedules, how can we do it? 🙂

L.wanted to experience what Andree told me about this wonderful place and the people, Ayahuasca which brings you in a minute un universal Consciousness. To see the places, see the people. Something for my spiritual quest. Knowledge.

I got knowledge. Being in the Matrix is a revelation that everything is a form of Energy, a design of the Matrix in different frequencies. Ultimate reality is that everything is in this matrix and if you raise your vibration you can do anything with Ayahuasca’s help, in meditation.  I do not know what is next but I feel I learned a lot of lessons from the people around me. I love the place, the people, what happened. So I am very happy and grateful.

I liked that in spite of my fears of the first ceremony the first night was the most powerful and vivid memory. It is like an onion . I go back to that night and I realize what else came tp me. What else I understood, in order to think about it. In an instance, I got the essence of living, quintessence of life, and during the days I kept seeing these poor but happy Shipibo people. They don’t starve, they have water, food and Ayahuasca.  Children were wonderful. I felt useful teaching the. I had an opportunity of being in Heaven.


I don’t know what I wanted. I think I wanted a change and to have a beginning in solving what is holding me back, to get rid of that.

What did I achieve? I ask myself the same question and I feel lighter, more grounded, more connected with myself, and I think also more confident.

liked the trip in the water. The flexibility of program and how it was adapted to each of us. You have always been near us, supporting us.

IMG_4445wanted detox, two weeks without civilization, to learn stuff… and Ayahuasca, of course.

I do not know if I got aby answer. It is more about cleansing and feeling good. I feel happy.

I liked the singing and dancing. Everything.

C.wanted to discover myself. The people. Something inside me called me. I wanted my inner strength. To regain myself back.

I achieved myself.  I understood that a woman can love a man who wants and appreciates here for everything she is and everything she is not.

Messages were very strong. One of them is for all of us. This is only the beginning, go beyond the stars and make the eagle wonder.

liked th teachings. The joy and the energy. You are strong, firm and crazy 😀

A.needed a blank page, and whatever comes next.

liked a lot of what happened behind the appearances, the changes along the way. I love that I got Cavi’s name and I cannot believe everythinbg that happened. I knew I would get something but not that I would be able to deserve so much. I felt the hearts of ancestors.

Achievements? I got to help one person, M., and offered a hunch to a few others. I do not know if I have the physical reprogramming complete but I feel it is almost done. The negativity cleansing. The telepathic dialogue with the shaman. My inner child, reconnected. Joy and confidence.

likeAyahuasca. The discussions with Funi, even when translating for others. I wanted to learn from you two, Francisco and Funi, and I had the opportunity to discuss and understand how to manage a situation or people.

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