Journey to the Heart of God

Francisco opens our Space with the usual puffs and huffs in our crown. The mapacho tobacco and agua florida mix into a strange, male-female scent, wild and potent, flowing down the spine like a giant drop of electric honey. The air is full of light shadows, vibrating matrices and waiting for the explosion.

Whispering quietly into the Ayahuasca bottle, the shaman opens the first door to the experience. a flashing cross, superimposed on a St. Andrew’s cross, lights up like a traffic light. The dark air fills instantaneously with pulsating and vibrating Flowers of Life, in an array that looks like a huge LED screen.  Every light is, in fact, a Flower of Life, vibrating and sending its own color. Electric green, fuchsia, blinding gold, lightning blue / all this weave into the Fabric of Life. The air begins to vibrate, too. The wave patterns are visible against the dark screen of the temple, completely floating in the thick texture of the night.

The Sound opens its gates and, suddenly, there is a burst. The first burst. Everything activates / the Sound of each object, being, molecule and atom becomes visible, audible, and everything gets synchronized into an incredible concert. Everything is in tune. The World Sings the Song.

Deep down, in the body, dense energies begin to accumulate. Darkness comes out of the physical structure, leaving it clear, luminous, scintillating.

The sound grows, and with it, the harmony grows. I hear the song behind the harsh cicada call, the cricket next to me is whispering: pay attention. STay alert. Be present. Messages from Nature pour their melodies into my expanded brain, and I become, literally, part of this vibration, I can physicallz feel it from head to toe, but the bigges buzz stays in my spine root. The engine there is aligned with the vibration of Nature.

The temple is full of shadows of words, – whispers from ancient times, Pagan invocations, the sound o fthe Big Bang – everything starts to tell its story.

The Sound projects me, at warp speed, into an expanded, multiple Universe, where the body melts into Conscience and the mind is present, simultaneously, in several points. A whole array of dimensions and timelins opens so that the mind can explore anything. You can go anywhere, everywhere, at the same time. it is beyond any doubt, what they call The Christ Consciousness. This multi-focal presence comes with a deep sense of knowing of peace an balance. Everything becomes simple.

Then, the time-space lines of the multiple dimensions begin to draw closer. And closer. We are journeying at an incredible speed towards a huge disc, violet-laender, where everything merges. I am asking Mother Ayahuasca what that is. She thinks for a second and replies: This is the Heart of God.

I am going there, with the merging lines, when I suddenly hear a voice: I AM  Daniel. I want to go now. Our friend’s shadow asks for help in order to leave. I am opening the access to the great column o fplatinum light and he is instantly absorbed into it, transformed into shining sparks. The shadow is gone.

The huge transformer around us converts, digests, transforms energies and there is Light. My mind continuesc wandering into the multimensional world and decides to plunge into Nature. I am projected deep into the Amazonian night, and I land at the root of an old tree. I can feel the vegetation growing.

My body condenses into the one of a bird. Feathers grow out of my arms, gray and silver, and I fly. I land into the water and my feathers turn into scales. I am a fish, swimming in the dark Amazon waters. I am water, washing the shore. I am the shore. I am the tree growing there. I am everything. Ayahuasca is teaching me the lesson of Oneness in Christ Consciousness. Then everything condenses into one single point and I become one with the firefly on the ceiling. On and off. On and off. The mind wanders off again and I find myself on the river again, with a man. We are bathing in the moonlight. There is nothing sexual about being there naked, just the overwhelming sense of love and familiarity, like I have known him for many, many years. It is tenderness. I am being shown another aspect of Oneness – Union in love.

The shaman is singing his song, asking Christ to open the gate. The gate is open. We are there. We are there, singing and clapping. There is tremendous joy in the air. He stops next to one of us. Kneels and sings with him. I see their two energy imprints merging and there are two intensely lit strings between them. One is blue, the othe one is yellow. The shaman is pouring knowledge and light and love and watching this is like watching a miracle happening. I can almmost feel the electricity.

Taking my eyes off this picture of perfect symmetry, I am shown, by Madrecita, a last thing: a small vial, containing a sample of tissue suspended in transparent liquid. What is this, I ask. It is tissue of light. It is ready.

And then, there is only Joy. Sheer Joy. Pure Joy. And Peace.

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