Compassion as foundation of well-being

Notes from the Dalai Lama – Daniel Goleman speech on September 19, 2015, at the O2 Arena in London

2015-10-07_21.00.11[1]Dear Brothers and Sisters,

indeed I am very, very happy to be here, with you, with the intention to share some of my own thoughts and concerns, and also learn some new things: sometimes, very unexpected questions come, and it is an opportunity to think. I am nothing special. Mentally, emotionally, physically we are the same.

Problems with emotions? Me too. Everyone is in the conjuncture to face these emotional things. The brain and heart – everyone has there the seed of infinite love and infinite compassion. Some scientists made some investigation to very young child, 2-3 months old, language is not developed. Young children play together affectionately, smiling, showing happiness. Then they develop a negative attitude showing unhappy: human being is exposed to constant fear, anger, hatred. Then, more compassion we need – more strength. Mysical health gets much better.

When you look at your neighbor and he is reach, the family members show the same sort of distrust or suspicion, showing the family was always same. Failing to be in friendship. Your neighbor, materially poor, shows love and trust – he is much better. If you noticed that, think more. If not, then do spy on your neighbor, think, investigate, use common sense  and that clearly indicates that warm heartedness is an immense benefit.

How to build friendship? Trust appears when you show sincere affection. Even animals feel it, when you show genuine affection,whether they appreciate it or not. I do not know. Maybe you show affectionl, because we are social animals. Same spirit, same position. I also have some problems, some difficulties, but I can solve them without disturbance in the inner mind.  If we received the same affection from our mother, the seed is in our mind and then we can show others affection when they have a sense of insecurity, suspicion, fear

2015-10-07_20.58.25[1]I am 80 years old, I am  the generation of a century ago, the XXth, and you are the generation of the XXIst century. In the XXth century, we created a lot of problems for this planet. Killing human beings is unbelievable, especially for religious reason. We believe force and violence can bring vitory. Many XXth century wrong views, wrong concepts, and neglect [led to] unhealthy problems, symptoms of past mistakes. This generation of the XXIst century – you – have not solved these things :). Killing, bullying, sacrificing> we should expand more.  The point is the generation of the XXIst century: past is past, we cannot change. We could change iether the memory, sor some of the effect of the past. Future is not yet reached. Change the future in the present if we act now tirelessly for a better and happier future.

I discussed with scientists. If we think on human level, we are human beings. I want happy life, they want happy life. Several levels, different countries, race, colors, faith. There are divisions between rich and poor, educated and non-educated. Too much emphasis on the differences. If we go deeper, we are the same. With the young generation, there is really hope. Make effort with a vision and a proper plan. This century can be more compassionate.

All religious traditions carry a message of love, contentment, forgiveness. All have the same potential to bring inner peace. Sunnis and Shiites have the same prayer, but they are divided. Some Buddhists are also harming Muslim community. Even religious people! Love and forgiveness are just lip service, not wholeheartedly.

We are seven billions, and 1 billions non-believers. Educate inner value, not religion, based on findings and experience.  The education system is oriented to exterior values, not interior values. This is the complication. India is multi-religious, on a secular basis. They respect all religions and non believers. Charvaka philosophy [] is criticized, but rishis respect it. The way to educate the  warmheartedness is secular. All traditions are based on secular ethics. New time comes: how to introduce education according to secular traditions? If you think seriously, then educate the younger generation, then later part of the XXIst century can be peaceful and more compassionate. If we try our best, we might fail ,but have no regrets.

Compassion leads to healthy society.  There is a higiene of wisdom, combined with the hygiene of emotion, which is very important. We put too much stress on religions, then on cosmetics. Those are very important, but most important is inner beauty. Pay more attention to inner beauty. In Nalanda, they spend 20-30 years in study and they are skeptical. Is this the real essence? Is there contradiction? The more difficult the questions, we need inner help to find ansewes.

I the last 4 centuries of history, in central Tibet, same people, including myself, between 1951 and 1970, had the same serious problem. Then I gradually found the problem. I filtered, irrespective it could be harmful. It is religious freedom. Until then I worshipped this religion of the yellow hat sect and had no freedom. Only after I stopped this practice I followed all teachings of Nyigma and Kagyu. It is harmful. It is my duty to make it clear [worshipping issue], whether people listen or not.