Daniel Goleman în dialog cu Dalai Lama

2015-09-19-London-G09_IAC6823Daniel Goleman vorbește cu Dalai Lama despre un mod alternativ de viață, în 19 septembrie

DG: You listen to BBC, how do you keep yourself from getting depressed?

HHDL: Man’s problems… I am sometimes finding they also create problems – these problems are are own creation. We created them, we have the ability to reduce these problems. Climate changes is normal – the plane changes its position. There are natural changes, also climate. May problems we have the possibility to reduce or eliminate.

If men are getting bullied, we have to owrk hard. With courage, with self-confidence. One of my criticas since many years is about the reports of murder, sex abuse, scandals. These news show. Millions of children get the benefit of compassion and it is not on the news. Killing or bullying become news. Mia people should make presentations more balance.

People, especially children, watch TV and they see continuously negative things, which leads to violence. Computer games are violent. I think parents should be careful. Parents, spend more time with your children.  After one month of the baby’s life, substances in mother’s milk change. If you feed the child with ordinary milk, it is not enough. Providing maximum affection can seed –  a compassion seed comes from the mother.

DG: If we are innately compassionate, why is there so little compassion? What can we do? How can we teach these children how can they be compassionate to perpetrators of evil?

HHDL: Compassion has different levels:

  1. is the physical efect. This is very limited, an attitude oriented towards others. It is biased and mixed with attachment. If this is the seed, how useful is that attitude? The biasaed compassion can develop a sense of concern to your even more unbiased compassion. So, first practice detachment.
  2. When we confess we did somthing wrong, you make a distinction between your action and yourself. Someone criticizes you? It is the same human being, deserves the same love. Take counter measures without losing compassion. It is very important to have a hygiene of emotion: you need more knowledge about mind and emotion. Discover the map of mind and emotion, then you have the ability to counter destructive emotions.
  3. When we are full of knowledge, we can easier try these things. combine religion with the science of mind, so we can include psychology as part of secular education.

2015-09-19-London-G14_IC29497G: Dirty politics, dirty business, dirty science…

HHDL: all these activites need motivation – the self-motivation makes dirty science. When motivation is sincere, we have good politics. Cheating  is dirty politics. In science, the mind should be open, unbiased. Desire makes it biased and this is not a true scientist.

It is not only physical, but also subtle energy that affects the brain – we must accept meditation and its effect on the brain.

DG: If you see science can accept that the brain is not the cause of all the things, can you generalize that things changed over the last century?

HHDL: My motivation consists in two things: science as knowledge is increasing. If scientifica research remains at the physical level, it is limited. Science must include the invisible phenomena. Knowledge about mind and consciousness just on the basis of investigating the brain is not clear. Mental consciousness has different levels and they shoud be studied.

Destructive emotions, very harmful, we have already described.

DG: The future is in the hands of the XXIst century people. How can we be optimistic, what can an individual do to move to a positive direction?

HHDL: build a healthy humanity – we have this responsibility. Individual future depends on humanity. Europe’s future is very much linked to Middle East, Africa, South America. Economy is very connected, bu tmentally we still workhip guns and weapons.

Between reality and our perception there is a huge gap. Our common interest is more important than the individual interest. Educate people into the oneness of humanity. One to ten, ten to one hundred, one hundred to one thousand, one thousand to ten thousand. Changing the humanity starts from the individual. Change cannot happen by goernments. Start at your level. Changing the world can start with changing you, the individual. We all have the responsibility to build a happy humanity

DG: What would you say to someone who thinks happiness comes from things they buy?

HHDL: I know chancellors of different universities. Their salary is very high. They are very educate, very famous, but personally they sound very unhappy. Money cannot bring inner peace Fame cannot bring inner peace. Education cannot bring inner peace. We consider that the sensory level is very important, without relying on sensory, something at the mental level (faith is mental level).

Many years ago, in Barcelona, I met a Calvin monk. He had spent five years on a mountain. I asked what did he practice. He said thinking or meditating on love. He lived a content, very simple life. He had no click. No family. In a remote area, but getting peace> this is the indication that mental path, properly used, makes sensorial experience not that important anymore. Children do not care about material values. With a smile and love you make them very happy. We have to tackle the basic values at young age> education must nurture these values, and then the human being will be more complete. Think for 10-15 minutes about inner values, and then you will be happier. You are your own master. I am not your master. Think seriously: each day is a birthday. In the morning, when you wake up, it is your birthday. Make it meaningful, or at least harm not.

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